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Dr. Elisa Carlon

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    • Energy efficiency and renewable energy supply in residential buildings
    • Biomass-based heating systems: wood stoves and boilers

Aktuelle Projekte

FLowET: In this project we installed and tested different technologies for the reduction of emissions of pellet stoves. Technologies such as catalysts and different types of filters were installed at the stove outlet, to "clean" the flue gases from pollutants such as particulate matter (PM), organic gaseous compunds (OGC) and nitric oxides (NOx). Results showed a significant emission reduction.

Innoheat: In this project we have researched innovative solutions (such as Phase Change Materials-PCM and solid sorption) to integrate a heat storage into a wood stove. In this way, part of the heat released by the wood combustion can be stored and used in a later moment. We carried out tests on a new heat heat storage material (Zeolite) to demonstrate its storage capacity and long-term performance. Finally we built and tested a basic sorption heat storage integrated into a stove.

InErOut: In this project we built a laboratory facility for testing air to water heat pumps. A heat pump manufacturer installed a new heat pump prototype at our test bench and we tested it intensively. Together with test results, we provide continuous feedback to improve the technology, therefore in this project we accompaign the development of a new product.

Auszug aus dem wissenschaftlichen Werdegang

I achived my BSc and MSc degrees in Environmental and Land Engineering at University of Trento in Italy. After finishing my Master degree in 2010, I had the opportunity to work in a research project dealing with biomass gasification in Graz, therefore I moved to Austria. At the end of the project I got a permanent position at the research centre Bioenergy 2020+, where I still work as a Senior Researcher. Our working group carries out research and development projects aiming at increasing the performance of renewable-based system, with a special focus on biomass heating devices such as logwood and pellet boilers and stoves. We also research innovative solutions to develop new products. Another important topic of research is the reduction of emissions (for instance Particulate Matter, PM) from biomass combustion systems. In parallel to my work at Bioenergy 2020+, in the time period 2013-2016 I also did a PhD in Renewable Energy and Technologies at the University of Bolzano, Italy. During the PhD I attended numerous PhD schools and conferences in different countries (Denmark, USA, Brazil). I am author or co-author of 8 scientific papers (Journal papers).

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