Register now for PH training! "Citizen Science Award 2022: How school classes can participate in research!"

1. November 2021 Citizen ScienceSchoolPublic Science
Forscher und Studenten betrachten Vegetation
In the summer semester of 2022, OeAD will offer a training session for teachers on the Citizen Science Award 2022. Registration starts now!

In 2022, the Center for Citizen Science of the OeAD again invites interested parties - and especially school classes - to participate in selected citizen science projects. The research period starts on April 1, 2022 and ends at the end of the school year on July 8, 2022. The most committed school classes and individuals who participate in the projects will again be awarded cash and non-cash prizes for their work at a ceremony in the fall.

Since experience with Citizen Science projects shows that teachers like to learn about the projects and their goals in advance and feel more confident about participating in projects with their school classes after being trained on the co-research opportunities, the Center for Citizen Science will hold an introductory workshop for teachers before the co-research period begins.

After a brief introduction of the Citizen Science Award 2022 and the current projects, you can decide which of the offered introductory workshops you would like to attend that afternoon. There, the researchers of the participating projects will give you a comprehensive briefing on the planned research activities and prepare you in the best possible way to participate in the projects in the classroom. All questions and uncertainties can be discussed directly on the spot. Take advantage of this opportunity to get direct information and to get to know exciting projects.

Since the selection of the projects for the Citizen Science Award 2022 will not take place until the end of 2021, the concrete projects will not be presented on the  Young-Science-Webseite until the beginning of 2022.

Information and registration for "Citizen Science Award 2022: How school classes can join in the research!", on March 16, 2022, 14:00 to 18:00 can be found HERE